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Why Does Win2000 Hang On Shutdown?

Changed in qemu: status: Triaged → Incomplete jclariana (jordiclariana) wrote on 2014-10-08: #14 Hi, I have the same problem, or at least seems related. All that I found were conflicts with specific software, specific hardware, or drivers. If you rename DEVLDR32 (ver in SYSTEM32, another one will replace it. (First, you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and end DEVLDR in Task Manager). Here's what they have reported: CD-ROM DRIVE: Samsung 24x. check over here

Also, disabling the mup.sys driver by using the recovery console normally does not help either. Windows NT/2000 Seems to Hang During Boot and Slow Performance Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 157910 - After you install Windows NT version 4.0 on a computer configured with a Quantum XP-32150 My vitual memory already is set at 1 1/2 times my RAM size(I checked)....Again, do you think doubling it's size would solve this? HARDWARE ISSUES In addition to hardware issues mentioned under other specialized topics on this page, many users have written identifying specific hardware as at the root of the Windows XP shutdown https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1056361

One reported quirk affecting shutdown is the three-account shuffle. Is there some common issue involving substantial moving of the hard drive's contents? Double-click USB Root Hub. Source: EarthWeb Using System.alt to Recover the System Hive Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 151247 - If your system fails to boot because the System hive is corrupt, it may be possible

These can be a source of slow or hanging shutdown processes. Slow Boot or Error Messages in Windows 2000 After Installing Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.0 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 298583 - Immediately after you install Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.0 Platinum, As i turned it on to see if it was the problem then plugged in my HP Deskjet and computer went banana's strated typin * in IRC like a thousand times NetBIOS Scope ID Causes Windows 2000 Domain Controller to Stop Responding on Boot Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 255195 - When a Windows 2000 domain controller has a NetBIOS scope ID defined,

Fully shutdown the computer before rebooting. There are a number of issues that can cause a system to fail to boot, and we've tried to list as many as we could find here. These included: a damaged exit sound file; incorrectly configured, damaged, or incompatible hardware; conflicting programs, or an incompatible, damaged, or conflicting device driver. anchor well, that gives us a starting place to focus our investigations.

Brian W. If this works for you, then the real troubleshooting begins: finding out, by trial and error, what item that is being logged is causing the actual slowdown. (In Gary's case, the MUP stands for Multiple Universal Naming Convention (UNC) Provider. Windows thinks it is shut-down clean enough.

When this occurs, the date may be set for January 1, 1601, or another invalid date, and the clock may be counting the time from 12:00 A.M. OTHER KNOWN ISSUES & HINTS... Edwin Drood (edwindrood) wrote on 2014-12-14: #15 My Two Cents. These two hints intrigued me in light of a seemingly dissociated shutdown problem reportedly occurring in Win ME only immediately after a defrag.

Removing the software resolves the problem. (Tip from Aswin Kindts, Greg Williams, and others) Webstar DPX USB cable modem. Your computer may also restart automatically. Every little bit helps. Windows will then just hang at the driver that loads prior to mup.sys.

The principle is much more far-reaching than this one example. However, it is impossible to list every possible hardware or driver issue individually. Anthony Liguori (anthony-codemonkey) wrote on 2009-12-28: #6 Ok, will see if we can reproduce this. The solution is to get the updated TPKD.SYS file from PACE.

SMF ©2014, Simple Machines - Theme ©2014 Micro-Star Int l Co.,Ltd.Mobile Log in / Register QEMU Overview Code Bugs Blueprints Translations Answers qemu hangs on shutdown or reboot (XP guest) Bug Stop 0x7B on restarting means Win XP lost access to the system partition or boot volume during the startup process, due to a bad device driver, boot sector virus, resource conflict, Microsoft provides a work-around in MSKB 878474.

It isn't clear why this would be the case, but the tip was worth passing along.

This is a known bug in Windows XP, for which Microsoft has a supported fix. Many Easy CD users (but not all) found that installing Easy CD 5.0 does not cause the shutdown problem, provided they do not install the Direct CD component. I've found nothing on MS KB or anywhere. If you have Office XP installed, the culprit may be CTFMON.EXE.

Remove the Creative card. MODEMS: Intel Ambient HaM Modem. Hardware Issues section below, several different USB-related issues can impact shutdown. When booting windows XP in safe mode the last driver that shows loaded is mup.sys.

When Windows 2000 won't boot A server crash is always a nightmare.