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Why Does Css Display Differently In Different Browsers?


But body copy will probably always look different in different browsers. And that's for IE8, not for IE5/6... This will take care of your nav: Code: #nav li { float: left; display: inline; } If I had built the page I would have had a left content div as List of doctypes.

The code of an ordinary submit button looks like this: 1 You can replace it with the following code in order to specify the submit button image: 1 For example, I'm currently using Opera 12.00 beta. But by that time, they already have lots of code in the wild depending on their behavior. IE6 doesn't encourage us to do so. 0 61 foamcow June 7, 2010 7:16 am "many professional web design companies don’t include it in browser testing" The good ones do.

Why Does My Website Look Different On Different Browsers

ithink as alexey said, and u can analyze it using any statistics as google analytics to know the most browsers used by your project visitors 3 7 Jaik Dean June 7, We are dedicated to helping you with extraordinary support so we can succeed together. We gotta keep those servers running though.

There are many high-profile webdevelopers who take this stance. If you can't get IE to work with the best possible code, then just use a hack or conditional. How to show a very important notification on the button itself which opens it? What Are The 3 Major Differences In Display Of A Site On Different Computer Types? It's best to develop using the browser that has the best development tools for you, AND keep the other browsers open while you work so that you can test as you

That's a cross-browser goal that is definitely worth striving for. Different Browsers And Even Different Browser Versions Will Display Your Web Page ______ I'd like to add that using a CSS Reset should be used with caution. I also didn't get a chance to read the comments until only a few minutes ago. The fact is, you can create a pretty accurate layout using IE6 or IE7 without having to resort to too many hacks or sub-standard methods.

For example: Mozilla: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.1) Gecko/20020826 Firefox: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; sv-SE; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041108 Firefox/1.0 Opera 9.5: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT How Are Mobile Web Browsers Different From Desktop Web Browsers? For example, a submit button can look like a gray rectangle on your Windows Classic theme, and like an oval if you use the XP style. Secondly. Usually, they can diagnose the cause from there.Sometimes, design oversights can cause a display problem; if that's the case, a screen shot usually reveals that as well.We deliver!

Different Browsers And Even Different Browser Versions Will Display Your Web Page ______

The mind boggles. 0 54 jhoysi June 7, 2010 7:07 am I'm sorry, but I disagree. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25626665/website-renders-differently-in-different-browsers Modal window does not work 2. Why Does My Website Look Different On Different Browsers It just doesn't make sense to me. -4 20 Bair June 7, 2010 5:26 am With Firebug Lite you can use Firebug in IE browsers. Why Does My Website Look Different On Different Computers How can you NOT talk about the importance of understanding the effects of Quirks mode when discussing the CSS Box Model???? 2.

then you already are coding wrong if you start with IE6 or IE7. Related Articles CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer 15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools 264 Comments 1 Ben MacGowan June 7, 2010 3:50 am Great article. Yes this means there's a bit more organisation required, but that's nothing compared to clean code. "… look exactly the same in every currently-used browser. It's great to see so many have commented and are sharing their views on their own personal preferences, especially with regards to what browser to use first to ensure cross-browser CSS. Websites That Look Different In Different Browsers

Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera have more CSS3 support so if your site is going to use that, better to code that from the beginning and create the best experience possible Come on Smashing, time to give your editors a kick in the pants. 0 66 Jordan Miskowicz June 7, 2010 7:31 am Completely agree with you Ben! Most display issues occur in various versions of Internet Explorer, which has a still-hefty 20% browser market share. The browser chrome is different but the rendering engine is the same as IE.

Register Tips Use a live demo tool like CodePen to demonstrate problems. Select The Group Whose Mission Is To Create Guidelines And Standards For Web Accessibility. First, if I want to support IE6 I'll avoid using transparent pngs (a pain in the butt), and I can't have nested divs with overflow set to hidden. Most of us designers and developers will probably find that in our blog stats less than 1% are using IE6 which definitely warrants not supporting it.

Another way at looking at is, IE offers conditional commenting for style sheets whilst the others don't.

Browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera (and IE9) are getting more and more similar in the way they render sites. Agree or disagree? I thought it would just reset everything without affecting later-defined properties. Why Does My Website Look Different On Mobile LET'S BE FRIENDS GET MONTHLY NEWS WINDOWS APPS Responsive Email Designer Responsive Layout Maker Pro The HTML Editor Web Form Builder Responsive Site Designer Bootstrap Builder Foundation Framer Shopping Cart Creator

It's true that most resets will add unnecessary code to your CSS, but you can always go through and remove any selectors that you know will not be a factor (for Anyway I'll be working on them soon and will post further progress here. Can these problems be overcome?UpdateCancelPromoted by AssemblaProject management for creative teams.Drag & drop task view, unlimited storage for large media files, Slack integration. Now let's see what it looks like in various browsers/operating systems: Windows 7 Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari The font face, size, and line height differ

jquery html internet-explorer-8 rendering mozilla share|improve this question edited Feb 25 '11 at 6:51 asked Aug 20 '10 at 12:42 user284291 97 Welcome to the world of Web Development –Pekka Hot Network Questions Pascal's Column Sums Musical notes and colors of a rainbow Solving Schrödinger equation for an infinite potential well with an obstacle (Numerical/Analytic) What is the name of this Use a Doctype See @Topera's answer To make everything center aligned Please do not use var winSize = $(window).width(); var margin = (winSize-1000)/2;; $('#main').css({'margin-left':margin,'margin-right':margin}); } Instead, use the CSS property margin: Please no.

That's the reason why a lot of websites using a "Reset.css". Surreal. We have your back! You don't have to keep updating your code each time a new browser is released.

I hoped that by now people who write articles for sites such as Smashing Magazine would know that. Such compatibility issues may occur not only in different browsers but because of an old browser version which does not support completely the latest standards. Instead of building a great experience as the default and then hoping it degrades to something that is still usable in less capable browsers, you build a basic experience that works christelnkoma 2015-01-30 03:59:51 UTC #11 in retrospect after checking the latest browser statistics i think u have a point because w3counter says http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.phpgoogle chrome 42,5% ie 17.6%firefox 15.6%safari 14.6%opera 3.2% plus

A detailed discussion of every possible problem that can occur in Internet Explorer, and a list of all of its CSS compatibility issues11 is certainly beyond this article.