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What's The Verdict On Vista?

Complex Boolean queries. But Microsoft desperately wants you to want it. The biggest improvements are not very visible as they spent a lot of time securing their code. You can add some of the underlying technology to Windows XP but there's no way to upgrade to the extra security.Are the security improvements enough to switch for or is the

Who's excited?Not many.Gamers, on the other hand, are better served with exclusive DirectX 10 support - a renewed 'Games for Windows' push by Microsoft - not to mention plans for a You don't need to restrict searches manually - Vista will do it automatically.If you start a search in Documents, then Vista will only return results from files and folders below the At the end of the day, we have a fundamental choice and it doesn't seem [Symantec and McAfee] are thinking about how the security model has to change to reflect the Windows Vista Team Blog.

Sixty-Four-Bit Computing Though versions of Windows XP that support 64-bit hardware are available, Microsoft actually developed and shipped 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vista simultaneously. Windows Now. ALEX CHADWICK, host: Lance Ulanoff, he is the editor of reviews at PC Magazine.

NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. Enterprise- Windows 7 offers some new features for you (Direct Access, BranchCache and BitLocker) but it might be worthwhile waiting until SP1. It might not seem like much but that's could be the best that Windows 7 has to offer. These Explorer changes also appear in standard Windows file dialogs, even in apps that aren't designed specifically for Vista.

I think people understand that Microsoft has a lot of commitment in trustworthy computing, and they are seeing changes in our products and in our services." Charney believes that Vista will Related NPR Stories Bill Gates on Business and Charity Jan. 30, 2007 Microsoft Opens Up 'Vista' Operating System Jan. 29, 2007 Gates Pushes Vista on 'Daily Show' Visit Jan. 30, 2007 Top 5 Features Cut from Vista 1. At their root, the changes made to Windows have their origins in a company-wide email Bill Gates sent out five years ago this month.

Things are very different with Vista. Visit our corporate site. Check out the Windows 7 Release Candidate (build 7100) gallery OK, here's the deal. But he believes that as the industry matures the complaints will die down. "I think there is just some resistance to change, but the reality is that the world is evolving.

This takes some getting used to, but with experience I found it a more flexible navigation tool than XP's traditional directory-tree control. look at this site We found most of the hardware in our test PCs was supported, including wireless networking.This driver experience is considerably different from the launch of XP, when many older pieces of hardware ULANOFF: No. Email Twitter Facebook RSS About Authors Speakers Tags Contact Us English Code of Conduct Terms of Service Privacy Statement © 2017 Microsoft.

www.unofficialvista.com. 5. I mean, can, can Microsoft get an edge up there? There's more room for this because the options for each function spread out sideways, fitting on to a widescreen TV or laptop very well.Instead of just text, there are icons and A lot.

REALITY: Does it really matter yet? You can wait until you replace your machine, or at least a few months, until Vista's kinks are worked out. (If you're curious to see how well your existing machine will With the machines I've been testing it on, I don't sense huge benefits from the new sleep mode. Both the positive and negative hype surrounding Vista security has reached fever pitch on the eve of the product's final release to market.

Also, running current games on Vista can result in framerate drops, particularly on OpenGL games like Quake 4 and Call of Duty. But Vista is going to be quite a bit familiar to MAC users, and current Windows users may be a little shocked. Ross Brown, the CEO for eEye Digital Security — a leading developer of endpoint security and vulnerability management software solutions, and a company that often hammers Microsoft during zero day incidents

More tools for power users. 5.

The revamped Explorer improves navigation, with a breadcrumb bar that shows you where you are, with options to quickly jump up the folder hierarchy.Security and UACVista is touted as the most Ultimately, they claim, the move will hurt users. "In the enterprise scenario, PatchGuard ultimately prevents us from getting deep into the core of the operating system," says George Heron, chief scientist Isn't FINAL a bit too FINAL? That is, the ability to run all Vista editions in virtual machines legally. 3.

Formerly Longhornblogs.com, Windows Now aggregates Vista blog coverage. Yet, to stick with XP indefinitely is to live with the constant fear, when will Microsoft pull the plug. Or XP. Antispyware.

ULANOFF: One of the things people might not like so much is this user access control thing. Microsoft reserves all rights associated with the materials on this site. Software vendors complain that Vista's vaunted security features are, in fact, locking them out. All rights reserved.

Fox News Fox Business Fox News Go Fox News Radio Fox Nation Fox News Insider Fox News Expand/Collapse Search Home Video Politics U.S. And finally, it seems that Microsoft has struck the right balance between compatibility and support for cutting-edge features, which means that you're not going to have to throw away all your With the right updates, security software, media applications, hard drive space, and RAM, you're current OS, Windows XP, will do you just fine. A supercharged command-line interface (formerly called Monad). 3.

And I will say that it really doesn't matter if I'm impressed, because in the end, Vista's going to be the most popular operating system in the world. While most XP drivers will run under Vista, you'll need to check whether all your peripherals are compatible. Photo Gallery manages large numbers of digital photos with tags, ­incremental search, and basic editing such as cropping and red-eye reduction. And many security professionals, such as Hyppönen, are quick to remind anyone who will listen that Vista's bolstered security is no replacement for strong third-party security solutions. "Vista will be the

Call it a nice-to-have product, rather than a must-have. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis Media Inc. The now famous missive laid the philosophical groundwork for what would become Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative.