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What Is The Windows XP Startup File Called?


In the middle right is a box where the settings for Timeout can be changed. TechRepublic does not and will not support problems that arise from editing your registry. Microsoft. PIF files do not rely on CONFIG.NT or AUTOEXEC.NT because they provide the DOS program with all of the information that it needs. http://pcspeedpro.com/how-to/whats-my-hardware-called.html

Ntdll.dll Internal support functions and system service dispatch stubs to executive functions. Windows startup process From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The Windows startup process is the process by which Microsoft's Windows series of operating systems initializes. Function and Purpose of Boot.ini Boot.ini is one of the very first files that come into play when a Windows XP system is started up. Published 01/6/15 Leave a reply DID YOU KNOW?Denmark has the oldest monarchy in Europe; it has existed since 935 BCE. http://best-windows.vlaurie.com/boot-ini.html

How To Disable Startup Programs Windows 10

A Windows folder is not created. These other functions are discussed in the Microsoft references given at the end of the article. After doing so, flag the file as read only. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

PIF files are a leftover from Windows 3.x. If you are unsure whether or not to leave a program running, search for the file name on ProcessLibrary.com to see whether a particular startup process should or should not be The display names are those that are enclosed in quotation marks following an equals sign. Add Program To Startup Windows 7 ShellExt Shell extension components.

To add or delete an operating system or program from the boot display menu, use the "Edit" button on the right of the entry "To edit the startup options file manually, When you see “msconfig.exe,” click on it or press Enter, if it is highlighted. Mui Multi-user interface files. Folders under each user account folder include My Documents, Desktop, and Start Menu.

Windows Vista[edit] Main article: Windows Vista Startup Process The sequence of booting Windows Vista is different from any previous version of Windows that uses the NT kernel. Windows Xp Startup Folder Remove: Removes the selected script from the Startup Scripts list.Show Files: Displays the script files that are stored in the selected Group Policy object.Note•To open the Group Policy snap-in, see Related Likewise, both of these lines can be used to launch a 16-bit Windows application upon startup.While there is no way to completely prevent a rogue application from using WIN.INI for malicious In Windows 9x and Me, the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files ran at Startup.

How To Disable Startup Programs Windows 7

Typical entries in boot.ini for a Windows XP SP2 system are shown in the table below. http://www.howtogeek.com/74523/how-to-disable-startup-programs-in-windows/ However, if you remove an incorrect service, Windows may not boot back up.WIN.INIStill another location from which a program may be launched on boot up is the WIN.INI file. How To Disable Startup Programs Windows 10 Table A-5 describes the System32 files. How To Make A Program Run On Startup Windows 10 You can also enable programs that have been disabled.

Since any mistakes in editing might very well render your system unbootable, it is better to use one of the safer methods that are available. http://pcspeedpro.com/how-to/what-to-load-at-startup.html The dialog box shown in the next figure will open. With MSConfig, you can alter which programs run when a computer turns on, enable or disable system services and change boot settings. 1. Some of these programs, such as your antivirus software, are desirable. How To Stop Programs From Running At Startup Windows 7

Use the Registry Editor and the following directions at your own risk. As you type, results display. RemoteStorage Remote Storage Service (RSS) database. Check This Out Now, enter the process name exactly as it’s shown in the task manager.

AUTOEXEC.BAT is most often used to set environment variables such as keyboard, soundcard, printer, and temporary file locations. Nwiz That’s why so many viruses are PIF-based. Program Files Installed applications, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office.

During Startup, the virtual memory manager moves data in and out of the paging file to optimize the amount of physical memory available to the operating system and applications.

Setting environment variables through this file may be interesting if for example MS-DOS is also booted from this drive (this requires that the drive be FAT- formatted) or to keep the This list is deceptive, though, because it only shows applications that currently have a visible window open. While DOS by itself provides no means to pass batch file parameters to COMMAND.COM for AUTOEXEC.BAT processing, the alternative command-line processor 4DOS supports a 4DOS.INI AutoExecParams directive and //AutoExecParams= startup option Vprotect Application Discontinued Games 3D Pinball Chess Titans Hearts InkBall Hold 'Em Purble Place Reversi Tinker Apps ActiveMovie Anytime Upgrade Address Book Backup and Restore Cardfile CardSpace Contacts Desktop Gadgets Diagnostics DriveSpace DVD

A dialog box displays telling you that you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take affect. Windows 3.x/9x[edit] In Windows 3.x and 95/98/ME, the boot loader phase is handled by MS-DOS. RSS ALL ARTICLES FEATURES ONLY Search Quickly Remove Items from Windows XP Startup Do you sigh when it comes to starting up your computer because it takes what seems an eternity this contact form Knowing the names and locations of essential system files can help you understand and troubleshoot your Windows XP Professional installation.

Disabling Startup Programs in CCleaner RELATED ARTICLEHow Computer Manufacturers Are Paid to Make Your Laptop Worse The free PC-cleaning utility CCleaner also has a tool that allows you to disable startup By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Icsxml Universal Plug and Play files. This will launch the Services console.

Boot information is stored in a Registry-like file called the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store. Export Encryption Pack installation files. There are a number of different switches and these are illustrated in the output to a command window shown below. This information includes the following: The time and date information stored in the system’s CMOS (nonvolatile memory).

destination Specifies the directory for the new file; the default is the current directory. /y Suppresses the overwrite prompt when you expand or extract files. /f:filespec If the source contains more When you do, you will see a menu containing the Startup items.You can easily remove a program from the Startup menu by right-clicking on it and selecting the Delete command from Usmt User State Migration tool. She loves watching and reading mysteries and is an avid Doctor Who fan.

This file contains some switches that designate how the system will boot, one of which controls whether or not the system automatically goes into Windows. JOIN THE DISCUSSION Tweet Lori Kaufman is a writer who likes to write geeky how-to articles to help make people's lives easier through the use of technology. Inetsrv Internet Information Services files. Today, however, this simply isn’t the case.

During the boot phase, CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT are executed, along with the configuration settings files WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI. Edit: Opens the Edit Script dialog box, where you can modify script information, such as name and parameters. Warnings Back up your registry before you alter it, just in case you make an error. Boot.ini Contains options for starting the version of Windows that Setup installs and any preexisting Windows installations.

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